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Data Protection Statement

I'm a freelance self-employed illustrator and writer based in the United Kingdom, and am therefore subject to the EU general Data Protection Regulations. As such, I take my responsibility to manage personal data diligence very seriously.

I collect personal data for the following reasons:


  • To keep in touch with my existing colleagues and clients.

  • To be able to contact customers and followers of my work.

  • To be able to submit potential future projects to companies.

  • To process payment transactions.

I do not sell data and will never share personal data outside of my business without express permission.

I follow the GDPR EU rules when asking for or handling information. This means:

  • Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully for the above reasons only.

  • Data is processed only for the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

  • Data is adequate, relevant and not excessive

  • Data is not kept longer than necessary. I will review data and cull all obsolete material at least every 12 months.

  • Data is kept secure against unauthorised access and loss or damage.

  • Data access requests from an individual wishing to know what I hold about them will be granted, free of charge, and the information returned to them within 8 weeks.

  • Any requests to delete data will be obliged within 8 weeks.

  • I do not hold data for anyone under the age of eighteen.

  • I undertake to perform regular data audits to keep standards up to date.

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