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Alt-Write: creative reactions to uncertain times

Here’s my illustration contribution to “Alt-Write: creative reactions to uncertain times”, a collection of new stories, poems and illustrations from leading names in the children’s book world. It’s to illustrate Andrew Fusek Peters’ poem “Salmon”. 

At-Write is being funded by a crowdfunding campaign. The original artwork is available for sale on the campaign page. Please support!

The book is full of luminaries from the world of children’s books in the UK, with a cover illustrator from Chris Riddell and contributions from amongst others Frank Cotrell Boyce, Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay, Patrice Lawrence, Sarah MacIntyre, Susan Price, Michael Rosen, Nick Sharratt, Jane Ray, Alex Wheatle and Jane Yolen.

Here you can find the original campaign launch video. There’s also a Facebook Group. Please share the campaign!

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