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Back in Tokyo

It’s fantastic to be back in Japan, albeit for just three short weeks while my show runs. On top of tremendous reunions with old friends and colleagues again, it’s been great to see the city of Tokyo with refreshed eyes, when you live somewhere for a long time (21 years in my case) you somehow become blinded to the wonders of the environment around you. Coming back to the city after a year, I can’t get over how incredible Tokyo really is. This first week I’ve been in a constant state of euphoria, tempered by the knowledge that I no longer live here. It feels like coming home.

The exhibition has so far been a great success, with many faces old and new dropping in to the gallery. Unfortunately I was too busy to arrange snapshots of the opening party, but I’ll post some pictures of the show when I can.

Pinpoint Gallery is one of the key illustration focused spaces in Tokyo, this is the first time I’m exhibiting here, I’m privileged to have this opportunity, thanks to owner Saisu-san and her staff, and the support of old friends like Kiyo Tanaka, who loaned me my old frames.

If you’re in Tokyo please drop in, I’m in the gallery from 3.00pm daily

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