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Before and after

Thank god for Photoshop, that’s all I can say. Here’s a recent editorial job that required some quick fixing. I had to illustrate a rant against cinemas. The writer blasted out at all the various ills of movie-going in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek diatribe, complaining of the noise, the inconveniences etc etc, ending the piece saying how much better to stay at home and watch dvds instead. With no other information other than the essay, I thought the blunt opinionated tone of the writing suggested a loud-mouthed 20-something male, and illustrated it as such.

The editor called me straight back to tell me the writer was in fact a 16 year old girl. Thanks for not telling me! I had to do a quick overnight redraw and paste. Fortunately it all worked out well in the end, thanks to those geniuses at Adobe, and the ability of Photoshop to blend in seemless adjustments. Here’s the first version….

…. and the second. Spot the difference!

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