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Book release dates revison

I’ve just learned that the release of Halloween Forest in the US has been pushed back to 1st October, which is a little later than anticipated. I’m sorry for the delay, but rest assured it will be out very soon in time for Halloween. The book can be pre-ordered with Amazon and other retail outlets.

This means that my next book release will be my own re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk「ジャックと豆の木」 (Jack to Mame no Ki) in Japan, which will be on sale from 10th September by Fukuinkan Shoten publishers.

‘Jack‘ is still in production and is not yet listed for pre-order. Even so, it will still be released before Halloween Forest, which predates it in production. It’s a funny old business, publishing! I’ll post an update as soon as I have more details.

In the meantime here’s a couple more images from the book.

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