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Early Work – political cartoons

Daughter and I spent part of the holiday season at my father’s house. While rummaging around in his loft for my bits and pieces I was surprised and delighted to find piles and piles of my old artwork, some of it from school days in the 1970’s, but also a great deal of my oldest professional work from my London studio in the 1980’s. In those early days I shared a studio in Crouch End with illustrators Jane Ray and Willie Ryan, and graphic designers Chris Millett and Andy Royston. The collective, named Façade Studios, enabled me to work on a very wide range of material from press editorial to posters, as well as my main career of children’s books. I haven’t seen most of these pieces since I left for Japan in 1987.

Here’s something very much of the period, though also timing nicely with the new movie on Margaret Thatcher. Some editorial cartoons, all from 1984/1985.

Lest we forget!

Ronald Ray-gun

Arthur Scargill’s dream

The Sinking Pound (Norman Tebbit, Geoffrey Howe, Maggie Thatcher)

Christmas 1984

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