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Funeral speech

We were offered a few short minutes to deliver some words during the funeral so I put together and presented this.

Our dearest Gwen

As we say our farewells we remember the love and the selfless devotion you showed to your family and to your friends.

As a mother you’ve were an inspiration, a shining light of guidance, who encouraged your children to pursue their dreams and aspirations. As a companion and friend you were a comfort, with an openhearted enthusiasm for life, and generosity of spirit.

Gwen, ever prepared with a word of sage common sense. Gwen, the socialite, an astute judge of character, for whom the warmth and companionship of those around meant everything. Slow to anger, quick to empathize, your loyalty and compassion reached out to friends and family alike. Gwen, bursting with spirit, sometimes eccentric, sometimes even scatterbrained we loved you for it all.

You were a rock of support to all who have known you, the anchor of our family. As you begin a new journey, the legacy of your life remains through your children and grandchildren, a precious legacy that will be preserved in our memories.

Spiritually you were always by the side of your loved ones no matter what. And still you remain by our sides now.

Thank you Gwen, for your grace. Thank you for your understanding, and for your insight.

Above all, thank you for your love.

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