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Hakone photos

The architecture was an amazing crossover of Victorian Western design and traditional Japanese, with a dash of China thrown in for good measure. It reminded more of Shanghai than Japan.

The surrounding parks and garden were beautiful – winding pathways, waterfalls, a watermill, cherry blossom… and the ubiquitous carp.

Appearance of the bride.

My daughter Seren spies on the rehearsals.

It was a simple, but elegant service. The vicar(?) was a Brit, and gave a sermon in stumbling Japanese that no one could understand, but which seemed to be all about “love”. God barely got a mention, unsurprising in this heartland of Shintoism.

We were a small crowd, but included the bride’s grandparents (Seren’s great-grandparents) who came all the way up from Takamatsu in Shikoku to attend.

Water god.

I’ll spare you the endless family groupings and smiling faces. I only wish we were there longer with time for me to sketch.

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