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Hakone wedding

Now here’s somewhere that really is in the middle of nowhere. Last weekend was spent in Fujiya Hotel, Hakone National Park’s oldest western-style hotel.

Overall it’s a fine location and had me itching to paint. Instead I had to pull on the suit and tie, and concentrate on the serious business of my wife’s sister’s marriage.

If I had to complain about anything it would be the rip-off restaurants. 1,200 yen for a beer – extortion! And only two pieces of toast and a dab of scrambled egg at breakfast – how stingy can you get! However all was made up at the wedding banquet, which was a feast, and as I’m the only one who drinks alcohol (though I’m no boozer) I ended up with constant refills of champagne all afternoon. Slept like a baby on the long train home to Yokohama. That’s the spirit!

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