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Happy times

It’s been a day I’ll not forget in a hurry.

My youngest son from my first marriage has been over to stay with me from London, which has been a precious and emotional experience I find hard to put into words without getting very personal (too personal for this blog at least!). I usually only get to see him on my infrequent trips to the UK, so these past two weeks together have been pure magic. He’s just approaching his 13th birthday now, on that threshhold of childhood to teenager. There was much to talk about, a lot of ground to make up for, these rare occasions are always emotionally charged with joy at seeing him, and sadness at the years spent apart.

After our final, sorrowful parting today my wife (number 2 that is) booked me in for a fabulous massage at a nearby aroma therapy salon in Tama Plaza, which eased away all the fatigues of days spent marching around the sights of Tokyo in blazing heat, from museums to art galleries to fun fairs and shops.

While I was being transported to heaven, the heavens were brought crashing down around me, as the evening sky suddenly erupted with violent peals of thunder and vivid explosions of lightning. It was a wonderfully relaxing massage, but the gods were on the war path above! I finally reached home tonight in driving rain with the rumbling pyrotechnics flashing and rolling above.

Finally to end the day the results of the Japanese Upper House elections came in, with the historic news that Jiminto (the so-called “Liberal Democratic” Party, which is famously neither liberal nor democratic) has been defeated. Not only defeated in fact, but stomped on and trounced by Minshuto (The Democratic Party). Although Abe still holds on to the Lower House, it seems the people have really had enough of the scandals and the belligerence of the government. Still, however there is no news of a general election, so in all likelihood governmental stagnation will probably be the short term result.

The storm must seem to Abe like lamentation for his defeat, but for me it was a fanfair for the wonderful time spent with my son.

O joy, o joy, o joy

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