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Inktober 2017 – the first week

October brings us to the social media drawing challenge “Inktober”. I don’t usually go for Twitter/Instagram keyword challenges, but as pen & ink is at the core of what I do I joined in Inktober last year and found it a really interesting exercise. The rules are simple – draw and post an  inked drawing to social media every day throughout October (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever else you use), including the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2017. There’s a list of optional daily prompt words which you can use to spark ideas or not.

I’ve been getting back into sketching a lot lately so was looking forward to getting stuck in with my pens and brush-pens again this year. I’m posting daily images on Twitter and Instagram @StudioNIB, and will post a weekly summary here on my blog, Facebook etc. Here’s my daily posts from this first week.

Day 1: Pondering whether the little bird of inspiration will hatch me some creative eggs?

Day 2. Warming up with a Kurotake brush pen. I’m still pretty new to using brush pens, and finding them an interesting challenge as they’re very different to hard point pens.

Day 3. “Prince of Plumes”. Back to a Pilot pen in my pocket sketchbook for a lunchtime cafe drawing.

Day 4. Rooster Rhumba. Loosely based on an ancient Greek motif.

It’s actually been a busy week, Day 5 was a particularly hectic day, so just time for a quick brush-pen drawing.

Day 6. General Tortoise. I hadn’t paid any attention to the official prompts until this day, I realised when I was half way through the drawing that today’s word was “Sword”, it all fitted very well!

Day 7. “Shy” My first concious attempt to follow the official Inktober daily prompt. Is the shy one the little fellow, or the big fellow?

More to come!! Follow my daily updates on Twitter and Instagram @StudioNIB

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