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Mainichi Newspaper – News Without Words Part 2!

You may remember the map of the world I created for Mainichi Newspaper last year (the web interactive map is still online, see my previous post about it here). Well what do you know, I’ve done another one! This time a map of Japan.

This new map is in the morning edition of today’s Mainichi Newspaper, sold across Japan. You can zoom in on all the details by accessing the fabulous interactive web version.

Can you spot a tiny self-portrait in there?

The observant will immediately notice we had to tweak the outline proportions of the country so it would fill the double page spread of the newspaper. Once again there was a lot of research involved, and the production was a challenge, with every figure and news item drawn separately in pen & ink, scanned and compiled together on screen. Many of the elements of the map will perhaps be more familiar to Japanese readers than overseas viewers, however even if you’ve never been to the Far East, I hope you can enjoy my virtual tour across Japan!

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