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Middle of Nowhere

Here’s another children’s illustrator’s blog from the UK I just came across. Lots of images to warm the cockles of an old ex-pat’s heart and remind him of old merrie England

Middle of nowhere? Looks more like the middle of Oxfordshire to me, a place I’m actually thinking of moving to if I ever leave Japan.

What? leave Japan? Well, my daughter is approaching school age, my family back home are not getting any younger, and I have been in Tokyo/Yokohama for 20 years now, long enough perhaps, so I’m toying with the idea of flying “home” to roost. Since I made the big decision to slow down with commercial illustration and concentrate on children’s books as my primary source of work I’m finding more and more of my clients are in the West rather than local, so it might be a good time. The missus thinks it’s a good idea.

Why Oxfordshire? It’s half way between London (where clients lie) and Staffordshire where my parents are. Also Oxford has a lot of writers and artists, several of whom I know, so I’m tempted.

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