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More 1980’s Studio work

Here are some more editorial illustrations from the beginning of my career in London in the mid-1980’s, from music journals and listings magazines. A much harsher angle than my children’s books of course, it was the post-punk era, we were all angry back then. At that time most of my regular work was for the press, a lot of it in black and white, I’ve discovered literally piles of work from this era in my father’s loft, it amazes me now how prolific I was then! Façade Studios was a time of great development for me. Much more than art college it was here, with a very talented and creative bunch of studio-mates, and with the harsher discipline of deadlines and desperate need to earn a living that technique, style and direction were honed. Fast ideas, fast deadlines, Good times. Though invariably under budgeted!

I forget what this was for!

City Limits magazine (showing the beginning of my fascination with Japan!)

City Limits magazine

City Limits again  (I think)

New Musical Express letters page

Music press, not sure which one

Music Press again

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