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More Tokyo train travellers

I’m approaching the end of our current month-long visit to Japan, so here are some more train sketches.

For me it’s been a month basically looking up old contacts, finding the current buzz of what’s going on for illustrators, and peering through the busy noise of central Tokyo, where I’m staying.

Usually nowadays I stay in areas outside the circle of the Yamanote line, though I was based within it for over half the 21 years I was “permanently” living here. As mentioned previously, my relatively central location means train journeys have been much more hurried and shorter affairs. It’s a very different vibe staying in the central wards, and, although I loved being just a cycle ride from Shibuya in the ’90’s, now I think if I were to return to Tokyo my ideal location would be a little more relaxed, just outside the busiest zones, but within easy access reach of them.

It’s pretty pointless thinking of ideals though, I’m making no plans while daughter is at school, and budget would dictate a great deal!

Anyway, here are a few more, often very quickly drawn and scribbly, sketches.

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