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More Train Snippets!

Some more train sketches from my current sojourn in Tokyo.

I’ve been here over two weeks now and it’s been a remarkably wet and cool July until now, the rainy season just carried on and on, with some significant downpours adding to the general drizzle. The cooler than expected weather meant getting about town was more efficient (if you could avoid being poked in the eye by umbrellas) but the general gloom was definitely sense in the mood of train passengers….

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m based in a central part of the city this trip, so trains tend to be more bustling, and I’m taking shorter journeys, which has made sketching a little more of a scribble-it-down-when-you-can kind of affair. Most of the passengers nowadays are engrossed in phones…

Or books….

I’ve a lot of drawings abruptly cut short!

Well, I’m in Japan until the end of the month, so hopefully a few more sketches to come. And the weather is starting to turn!

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