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New website, new blog platform

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I’ve been using Blogger for years, but with a new website – it’s time for a new blog too! Hopefully my old posts from Blogger have all imported properly… I’m still peering through the dark, trying to navigate my way.

This self-portrait was to celebrate my second Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nomination and trip to the Bologna Book Fair last year – the rooftops at the bottom are those of Bologna itself, with it’s famous medieval towers. This image was also one of my contributions to the recent SCBWI Pictures at Play group exhibition in London, which took place at the Westminster Reference Library off Leicester Square in December. I was privileged to be one of the organisers of the show, which turned out to be a great success – here’s a link to the online gallery.

As it happens, to my enormous surprise I’ve been once more nominated for the ALMA in 2020, I am astounded! Once again, my deepest gratitude to the organisers and officials who nominated me. Third time lucky? Well, who knows, I am surely the most unqualified of nominees amidst all the glitterati and talent from across the world, but there’s always a chance. I’m not sure I’ll make it to Bologna this year though, I think I need more gas for my flagging balloon!

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