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Nichiban Campaign

A recent ad campaign in Japan is a fairy web picture book for the 60th anniversary of Nichiban, the Japanese sellotape manufacturer.

Access the Nichiban site and click on the middle icon on the right hand side. It takes a while to load so you may need to be patient. I’m afraid it’s all in Japanese! On the next page choose the top icon to start the story. Buttons to move to the next page appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It’s not a real book unfortunately, I was asked to draw all the page elements which the ad agency put together digitally and animated.

Story in a nutshell: Fairies Sello-kun and his friend Ecolo are about to start school, but have been burying human objects they found in the forest in secret places. When Ecolo’s younger brother cuts himself on one of the objects they’re forced to admit their guilt and get a dressing down from Ecolo’s dad and Sello-kun’s mum about how human rubbish pollutes the environment. Their punishment is to collect all their buried objects in the wood. When they’re done, Sello-kun’s mum gives them a reward: a roll of eco-friendly bio-degradable sellotape for their school work!

Whimsical fantasy or cynical advertising ploy? You decide. A curiosity!

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