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Season's Greetings!

Seasons Greetings everyone! Our celebrations may be low key this year, but the bears are raising a glass for a bright and creative future!


For me, this year has been one of contemplation and - let's face it - retreat, with the continuation of the pandemic, lockdowns and so many problems with the environment and current UK government, my studio has felt much more like a bunker, a protective shell against all the storms battling outside. We've made hardly any journeys this year, mostly my activities have been limited to grocery shopping and weekly Tai-chi sessions in the Plantation Garden. The rest of the time has been at home, in the studio, working on this, pottering with that, waiting for it all to blow over, while daughter has been throwing herself into Foundation course art studies, planning for Uni, and developing her hand-made apparel business. It sometimes seems like all the creative energy in the house has been sucked up by the girl!

But not quite all the energy - I've a few things simmering away at the moment - at some point the Shelley will be coming out of his shell! Cozy withdrawal may feel great for a while, but eventually the novelty wears thin. I miss the relaxed bustle and bonhomie of cafés, creative output requires creative input, the fire requires fuel before it can roar.... etc etc.. But here's hoping the next few months will see an improvement - all this will pass, there is an end to it. Then there really will be a party!

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