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Seasons Greetings

Warmest wishes to all my friends and followers at this most festive time.

It's time to briefly put aside the trials and tribulations across the world, momentarily forget about chaos in government, conflict in Europe, catastrophe in climate and society.... oh hang on, that's an awful lot to put aside. I know it's the season to feel a glow of nostalgia, but did it really have to be reminders of world wars and the great depression? Well, we can at least embrace the joy and love of the season!

Christmas for me is full of memories of childhood, they are the only ones that matter really arn't they. I have to admit, I didn't really do much for Christmas when I lived in Japan (where it's not widely celebrated outside the shop promotions, just an ordinary working day for most people). Rose tinted memories? You bet, but they are the best, at least in my mind. Through a child's eyes everything was a lot less complicated then, though of course that's the same for every 12-year old, of any era! This year's image started as a 1-inch drawing a while ago, and is partly inspired by old Christmas covers of the Radio Times, which I looked forward to every year as it was usually packed full of magical illustration by the likes of Tony Meeuwissen, Peter Brookes, and many others, one of the few times contemporary graphic images crossed the threshold of our house. They had a profound impact on me, forget about the TV listings, show me the pictures!

This year we've already had frosty weather in the UK, so it's feeling decidedly Christmassy! It will be a big celebration for me, as daughter will be back from University, hurrah!

Sending all my friends warmest wishes for a festive season of joy, magic, harmony and good will.

May peace prevail across the world.

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