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Stone Giant US Release

Yippee! Today the US edition of Jane Sutcliffe‘s picture book Stone Giant – Michelangelo’s David and How He Came to Be is officially released. 

Some time ago when the Japanese edition was advance-released I blogged about my process in creating the illustrations for this title, now, finally it’s revealed to the public in it’s originally commissioned, English edition for the United States. Other than language the only differences are a somewhat different cover for the Japanese edition, and an artist statement from me instead of the list of sources on the last page of the US edition. However the American edition is printed in a slightly silkier, matte paper, which gives it a feeling reminiscent of classic older books. 

As today is the release day, here are a couple more of the artwork interiors before text was added!

Charlesbridge has posted an interview with Jane about Stone Giant here. I was interviewed about the illustrations by Elizabeth Dulemba here

Reviews have already been very supportive of the book! Kirkus Reviews has called it “a handsome offering that helps youngsters understand both an artist’s process and how this stunning statue became the enduring symbol of a city and its people“. A School Library Journal review posted on the Charlesbridge site states “This well-written, lively account is graced with excellent illustrations, rendered in pen-and-ink and painted with watercolors, that truly convey a Renaissance Italian flavor“.  Smart Books for Kids says it’s an “Engaging storytelling with beautiful illustrations“.

So I’m hoping the book will do well!

The book is on sale in the US, and also through online sellers in the UK and elsewhere. I always recommend people buy or order copies through their local bookshop whenever possible, but here are some direct online links:

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