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Tiny pictures for September

This month the House of Illustration in London is running a daily art challenge to create a 1-inch (26mm) square piece of artwork every day of the month and post to social media. The idea was sparked by their currently running exhibition of the work of John Vernon Lord, who drew daily one-inch square drawings as an exercise for a whole year. This challenge is just for a month, but it’s the kind of thing that appeals to me, and I’ve decided to give it a go. Here are my drawings for the first 9 days of September, each one drawn on the day.

Although John Vernon Lord works largely in black & white there are no restrictions on materials for this exercise, many illustrators are joining in and producing work in full colour, but for me, B/W is at my core, so I decided to stick to monochrome.

Here’s one of the above with a penny coin for a sense of scale:

Next month is Inktober, so similar thing, definitely in ink, but no size restriction and with theme prompts, so it looks like I’ll be pen and inking for the next few weeks. Yikes!

I’ve no idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow, any requests?

It’s not too late for anyone to join in the challenge, here are the details. You can see my daily pictures on Instagram and Twitter @StudioNIB, please follow! 🙂

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