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Under Siege by Sound

My house and studio is an island in a raging sea of noise. Right outside my window the builders are digging up the road yet again. The daily cacophony of tractors, diggers, clanging scaffolding and other commotion from the building site over the road has been a constant companion ever since we moved here in July, and there’s a long way to go yet. The house feels like a refuge. Much as I’m fascinated by the bustle of the construction site, much as the activity outside encourages me to get on with my own work, the incessant tension of noise throughout the day doesn’t leave much room for just drifting with my own ideas.  There are times, like today, when I just can’t think at all because of the noise so I tend to crank up the radio and get on with deadline stuff, and by the time the builders go home, I’m mentally drained and domestic issues (feeding the family etc) take precedence.

Which is one reason for the lack of doodles and sketches lately, it’s only when I can get away from the studio to quiet cafe’s or on increasingly rare train journeys that I’m able to put myself in the mind to explore ideas and doodle. When that happens this is where I go…

I keep telling myself I should spend more time in cafe’s, though perhaps not all my clients would see it as essential part of the creative process!

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