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Week 3 of Inktober 2018

Well here we are at the third week of #Inktober 2018, I’m surprised I’m still able to keep up… just about! It is getting ever tougher though – with so much going on for me at the moment (house move preparation, deadlines etc),  it doesn’t take much to fill the day’s schedule, a lot of these drawings have been squeezed in right at the end of the day.

But still hanging in there!

‘Weak’, for Day 15.  Sometimes the darkest places are near the brightest lights.

‘Angular’. Day 16, in anticipation of my forthcoming house-move!

’Swollen’. Day 17. Inspired by air-bags. Safe driving folks! 

’Bottle’, for Day 18. Another late night experiment!!

’Scorched’. Day 19 rather speaks for itself.

’Breakable’, for Day 20. Our fragile planet, beset by man-made disasters. Save the earth!!

’Drain’, for Day 21.  A Sunday-night late rainy scribble, though here in Shelleyland it was actually quite dry outside. 

The final week’s drawings ahead…. if I can make it!

Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @StudioNIB to see each one as it goes live!

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